SANS TITRE POUR LUI, or POUR LUI for short, means "to him" in French and is endowed with the Chinese name "PU LYU". Based on fashion aesthetics, it is a male underwear brand, characterized by high quality and comfort. With many series of products covering home, commuting and sports, POUR LUI perfectly combines fashion aesthetics into comfortable life, advocating a light and exquisite lifestyle and redefining luxury. POUR LUI stands for the beauty of men's bodies from the perspective of "self-confidence". In POUR LUI, "he" represents modern men who are both restraining and brave enough to show their charm.
PERFORMER presents a collection of underwear that takes classic sports styles as its creative source and adds details for everyday dressing. It is a collection that optimizes the body's visual aesthetics and provides comfort. In addition, it brings more restraint-free experience and shows vigor and a relaxed style freely.

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